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The Bluffs Bulletin Board High turnout for Senior Fun League

Good weather leads to good golf. July 29 gave good weather and winning a prize required a score of 37 or better � good golf. There were 47 seniors on hand, a new high for this season.

Our winners, a four-man team, shot a neat 33 � a new low score for the back nine this year. We congratulate Van Pierce, Ken Beringer, Quentin Oleson and Dan Christopherson for this fine effort.

At 35, we had Al Clem, Dick Munkvold, Howard Connors and Tim O'Connor. There were three teams at 36, Ross Johnson, Loren Carlson, Ardell Hatch and Vern Christensen, along with Mo Marcotte, Bob Lund, Tom Walker and Joe Zuppo, followed by Harlan Schott, Bill Bergman, a guest, Louie Fostvedt and Gene Iverson.

The last group to win prizes had 37, Vern Holter, Cleland Cook, Milo Gilbertson and Berwyn Svoboda, along with Mel Marcotte, Max Andersen, Jack Stewart and Joe Conroy. These prize winners were credited with 10 birdies, the total for the seniors this date.

Our shot-of-the-day award is shared by three seniors. Al Clem had a birdie on #12 with his 63-foot putt for a 2 on the hole. Ken Beringer chipped in from 17 yards off the green for a 2 on #12. Finally Dan Christopherson had a 22-foot birdie putt on #18.

The arranging of teams is really a snag unless we know you are coming. Late comers can help us if you call The Bluffs to confirm that you will arrive. Give it a try. Thank you.

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