USD professor relies on personal experience to pen book on investing

USD professor relies on personal experience to pen book on investing With his rich global insight into finance and investment in unusual economic times, countries and circumstances, Dr. John Quinn, an adjunct professor at The University of South Dakota, has published a new book entitled Serious Money: Contrarian Investing in Times of Crisis, Corruption and Chaos.

The book draws heavily on Quinn's 28-year career as a securities analyst, portfolio manager and investment executive at International financial institutions like Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan Investment Management, Chase Manhattan, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, National Westminster Bank and others.

"The main reason I wrote the book was that in the late 1990s, people who had much less experience in the market were writing books on investing that were absurd," Quinn said. "They were hyping the stock market growth and essentially telling anyone they could get-rich-quick in the market. I wanted to write a book that would give some historical context to the market as well as giving some stock market theory and portfolio management techniques of some of the most successful fund managers in the business."

In 1976, having served as project director for the first mutual fund in Japanese equities, Dr. Quinn co-authored Why Invest in Japan? Two years later his fund was the best-performing mutual fund in America.

In 1992, Dr. Quinn founded The North American Fund, the first NAFTA Fund.

"I think the most important thing I've learned is that investors should have a sense of history about the market," Quinn said. "You have to exercise common sense and be cautious, but being a good investor really comes from experience.

"With this book, I give a history of the market along with my own experiences; both the successes and the failures," he said.

Having acquired a string of enviable academic laurels including a political science degree from Yale, a juris doctor from University of Pennsylvania, a masters in corporation law and a doctor of juridical science from New York University, and a masters in comparative Asian studies from The University of Hong Kong, Professor Quinn has been involved in business in more than 60 countries.

He currently teaches at The University of South Dakota's School of Business and South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

A copy of his book was presented to the School of Business at USD in which Professor Quinn autographed, "To the faculty and students of University of South Dakota MBA program, where I've enjoyed teaching for several years. I hope you can utilize this book!"

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