USD student wins on The Price is Right

USD student wins on The Price is Right (AP) � A college student from Huron won big on the CBS game show The Price is Right.

Eric Fosheim, 19, a student at The University of South Dakota, won $1,000 cash and a number of other prizes, for a total of over $26,000 on the show July 23.

Fosheim went to California with friend Paul Fullerton to visit his uncle. He and Fullerton were accompanied to the studio by Fosheim's cousin and his friend.

All four wore pink T-shirts reading "South Dakota Loves Bob Barker," in honor of the host's home state.

"Apparently that caught their attention," said Ardelle Fosheim, Eric Fosheim's mother. She said Eric Fosheim was one of the first contestants announced.

Fosheim went all the way to the "Showcase Showdown," in which he won a pontoon boat and a juke box, among other prizes.

He will receive his prizes after the show airs on Oct. 21 of this year.

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