USDA Food Safety Mobile comes to South Dakota fairs

USDA Food Safety Mobile comes to South Dakota fairs The USDA Food Safety Mobile is coming to South Dakota. Come see the mobile at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron July 31-Aug. 3, and at the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls Aug. 5-10.

The USDA Food Safety Mobile is a colorful and dynamic form of "mobile messaging" to educate and reinforce to consumers the importance of handling food safely. USDA and state food safety experts will be with the mobile to demonstrate safe food handling, thermometer usage and answer your food safety questions.

"The Food Safety Mobile is a great opportunity for consumers to learn the four steps of to food safety � clean, separate, cook and chill," said Dave Micklos, director of Health Protection for the South Dakota Department of Health. "While the government and industry work to make sure the food supply is safe, it's important that consumers learn what they can do to prevent foodborne illness at home."

Don't miss your opportunity to see the mobile as it makes its way across the country. It will only be here for a short time before motoring on to its next destination.

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