Wheels of Justice Tour to visit Vermillion Sept. 5

Wheels of Justice Tour to visit Vermillion Sept. 5 On Friday, Sept. 5, the Wheels of Justice Tour arrives on The University of South Dakota Campus in Vermillion. Sponsored by the South Dakota Peace and Justice Center, the tour brings first hand witnesses from Iraq, Latin America and Palestine to educate Americans about the repercussions of war and occupation, both on people abroad and Americans at home.

Among the five tour members is bus driver Bob Abplanalp, from Chicago, IL. A Korean war veteran, Abplanalp founded a group that brings medicines to Nicaragua. He has worked extensively with Pastors for Peace in Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and among indigenous people in Chiapas, Mexico. Also with the tour is screenplay writer and organizer Doug Johnson of Louisville, KY. An active member of the Louisville Committee to Stop the War Against Iraq, Johnson observed the recent war in Iraq firsthand.

Having seen and lived with war, terror and occupation in Iraq. Palestine, and Latin America, participants in the Wheels of Justice offer the observations irrespective of partisan politics. The Wheels of Justice Tour provides education, outreach, nonviolence/action training, active resistance, and community building all across the United States.

The tour will conduct sessions from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Hoy A and B of the Coyote Student Center, with a general session at noon. University faculty and students and the general public are invited to attend sessions on a variety of topics, including: Self-determination for both Iraqis and Palestinians, versus occupation and colonization (drawing parallels to the dispossession and oppression of other peoples, including American Indians); universal human rights and equity under the law; effects of war and occupation on civilians in Palestine/Israel and Iraq, including house demolitions, armed conflict, apartheid laws, collective punishment, and degrading humanitarian conditions; U.S. taxpayers' footing the bill and bearing the consequences of flawed U.S. foreign policy in Iraq and Palestine/Israel.

The tour is sponsored by Voices in the Wilderness, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, and the Middle East Children's Alliance with support from affiliates of the International Solidarity Movement and the endorsement of many other organizations. The first seven month leg of this nationwide tour began in mid-August, 2003.

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