Alabama court case causes heated debate in Wakonda High

Alabama court case causes heated debate in Wakonda High by Ally Eckert In Montgomery, AL, there is a heated debate and protest going on about the removal of a monument from the Alabama Supreme Courthouse.

On the monument is the 10 commandments. Many Christian groups were and still are protesting the decision to remove this monument. On the morning of Aug. 27, workers removed the two-and-a-half ton monument from the building.

Most people have strong opinions about this subject. Most high schoolers' opinions were in three categories: it was correct to remove the monument; it was wrong to remove the monument; and a third category of students had no strong feelings about the issue.

Most of the seniors and juniors interviewed reacted the same way; they thought that the monument itself was contradictory to the separation of church and state but the removal is going against the right of free speech.

Some non-Christian groups may think that the state of Alabama was leaving out the many other non-Christian religions by only putting up a Christian symbol. Most high schoolers, though, thought that the state wasn't forcing people to believe in the Christian way.

But senior Nikki J. made a good point. When asked if she thought that the statue forced Christianity onto non-Christians she said, "No, but I'm a Christian so I don't really look at it the way a non-Christian would."

There were several people who thought the monument was trying to influence non-Christian groups, though.

Most people thought that if the tables were turned and it was a non-Christian monument put up in a state court, Christian groups would demand it be removed from the building immediately.

Some people, though, thought that they would just ignore it and go on with their lives.

Since the major religion in South Dakota is Christianity, there probably wasn't an equal representation of what other religious groups thought on this subject.

But the high schoolers interviewed seemed to grasp the idea that other people might be offended if something is forcing a different belief on them.

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