Debt reduction topic of program

Debt reduction topic of program Radio talk show host and New York Times best selling author Dave Ramsey is presenting his common sense debt reduction and wealth building strategies live via satellite Saturday, Sept. 20 from 11:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Cornerstone Church.

Tickets are $19 before Sept. 5 and $25 after. Visit to register or call Cornerstone Church at 624-8809.

Ramsey's personal experience, humor, and high energy presentation directs attendees down the road to financial peace. They'll learn how to:

* Start an emergency fund, even on a limited budget

* Pay off debt using the "debt snowball"

* Beef up the emergency fund with three to six month's expenses in savings

* Invest 15 percent of household income into IRAs and pre-tax retirement plans

* Save for children's funds

* Pay off homes early

* Build wealth through wise investments such as mutual funds and real estate

By age 25, Ramsey had accumulated a personal real estate portfolio worth more than $4 million. Just four years later, he was so far in debt that he was forced to declare personal bankruptcy.

Ramsey rebuilt his financial life and has spent the last decade counseling hundreds of thousands through live events, his 13 week course Financial Peace University, syndicated newspaper columns and as the host of the nationally syndicated radio program "The Dave Ramsey Show."

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