‘Employ the Older Worker’ week is September 21-27

'Employ the Older Worker' week is September 21-27 The week of Sept. 21-27 is "Employ the Older Worker" week and is designed to emphasize the value and importance of Americans 55 and older.

Since 1965 the Experience Works program has had as its vision "to be the national leader in older worker training, employment, and community service, and ? to develop creative customer-focused solutions using the talents and skills of disadvantaged and older individuals to meet the needs of families, communities, and an aging population.":

"The older worker is very valuable to employers, local businesses, non-profit agencies, schools, cities, and states," said Lowell Kjose, a field operations assistant for Clay, Union, Lincoln, and Turner counties. The Experience Works office is located in Vermillion and deals with service, employment and training programs.

Participants in the program serving these counties work 22 hours per week at the federal minimum wage. An assessment is taken and they are placed in jobs where they can utilize their current skills, as well as learn other skills. The older worker has dependability, good attendance, mature judgment, expertise, lowest injury rate, willingness to learn new things, loyalty and a lifetime of experience.

Experience Works offers classroom training to upgrade employee skills, and the opportunity for employers to provide a job setting and supervision for workers to update skills and learn new skills while gaining valuable work experience and a new self-confidence as well as a chance to be useful and productive.

For more information contact Kjose at 605-677-6900 or 677-6269.

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