Guardsmen surprise students with Humvee

Guardsmen surprise students with Humvee by Ally Eckert On Monday, Sept. 22, several U.S. Army National Guardsmen came to Wakonda Elementary school for an assembly and a "surprise."

The surprise was every student got to ride in the Humvee jeeps that the guardsmen use. Kristi Wagner set up the visit. Wagner is the guidance counselor at the Viborg School and mother of two elementary boys at Wakonda School.

The reason they did this was to help promote the image of the National Guard and to show kids that there is more than one option when they graduate.

While at the school, they also talked about how important it is to do well in their studies and go on to college. Other options to college, like going into the Army National Guard, are also choices new graduates can take.

This visit didn't cost anything for the district. The Humvees are used as a means of fast transportation. They are also used for every day base-life like going to and from training. Mrs. Lueth, principal, said the students were ecstatic about riding in the vehicles.

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