SD Magazine features Missouri River photos

SD Magazine features Missouri River photos The Missouri River photos of Sioux Falls photographer Greg Latza grace the pages of the September/October issue of South Dakota Magazine. Selected images from The Missouri: South Dakota's River Legend, which Latza produced with writer Kevin Woster, are accompanied in the magazine photo spread by an essay from publisher Bernie Hunhoff.

"The Missouri means more to us than any road," Hunhoff writes. "Its economic, military, agricultural, environmental, sporting and cultural implications have endured as long as people have lived here." Flowing through seven states, the 2,341-mile Missouri is North America's longest river.

But for South Dakota and the nation, the Missouri is about more than recreation, transportation or bragging rights, Hunhoff writes. "The river is bigger than hard facts. It is part of America's collective soul." That is clear in Latza's 10 color photographs; they remind us that few things in life are more timeless than the river.

South Dakota Magazine is a statewide magazine, published bimonthly in Yankton. It is available on newsstands throughout the state and by subscription at 800-456-5117.

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