Tanager girls’ tennis team is 0-2 in triangular

Tanager girls' tennis team is 0-2 in triangular by Jim Prosser On Tuesday, Sept. 16 Madison hosted their triangular involving the Vermillion and St. Thomas More high schools. Here are the results of the VHS/St. Thomas More dual.

Varsity singles: Melissa Basham (STM) def. Jeccica Lefers 8-1; Brenna Wells (ST) def. Michelle Rydell 9-7; Gail McIntyre (ST) def. Savanna Day 8-4; Lauren Higgins (V) def. Miranda Fees 9-8 (7-4); Sarah Roetman (V) def. Amy McIntyre 8-4; Zazzee Coleman (V) def. Mary Grode 8-1.

In a two JV matches: McKenzie Hrabe (ST) def. Lindsay Morecraft 8-6; and Shanon Skillman (V) def. Mary Grode 6-3 .

Doubles: Basham/A. McIntyre def. Leffers/Rydell 8-2; Wells/G. McIntire def. Higgins/Coleman 8-2; and Day/Roetman (V) def. Fees/Hrabe 8-5. Team score: V � 4, St. TM � 5; V JV � 1, St. TM � 1.

"We played a very competitive match against St. Thomas More. Sarah had good wins at #5 singles and #3 doubles (with Savannah). Lauren came from behind to win a tie breaker and Zazzee played steady tennis to win her #6 singles match," said coach Barb Rickord. "Our score against Madison indicates improvement since we played them last week, but I definitely feel that most of the girls played better and came away more satisfied with their matches. All I ask is for them to try to improve with each match, and they are making the effort. The wind was also certainly a factor, especially for our less-experienced JVers."

Singles: Anna Oswald (M) def. Jessica Leffers 8-1 ; Emily Johnson (M) def. Rydell 8-4; Jennifer Anderson (M) def. Savannah Day 8-3; Traci Gabrielson (M) def. Lauren Higgins 8-5; Amber Oftedal (M) def. Roetman 8-1; and Molly Johnson (M) def. Coleman 8-3.

Doubles:Oswald/ Gabrielson (M) def. Leffers/Rydell 8-1; Johnson/Anderson (M) def. Higgins/Coleman 8- 1; Oftedal/M. Johnson def. Day/Roetman 8-1. Varsity final score , V � 0, M � 9.

JV singles: Laura Neidert (M) def. Liz Day 6-1; Britta Larson (M) def. Alicia Hesla 6-1; Katie Beck (M) def. Dru Daniels 6-3; Katherine Vogel (M) def. Dasha Erkina 6-2; Neidert def. Amanda Granaas 6-1; Brein Sullivan (M) def. Day 6-0; Kelsey Campbell (M) def. Lindsay Morecraft 6-3; and Daniels (V) def. Vogel 6-2. JV team score: Madison � 10, Vermillion � 1.

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