Tanager tennis team loses two matches in Mitchell triangular

Tanager tennis team loses two matches in Mitchell triangular by Jim Prosser The Mitchell Kernels girls' tennis team held a triangular meet involving Rapid City Central and Vermillion on Aug. 26.

"We had to move three girls up to the varsity roster and Sarah Roetman, #4 singles, was unable to play," said coach Barb Rickord. "Dru Daniels got her first varsity experience by moving from JV to #6 singles and #3 doubles for the day. Jessicaa Leffers looked strong and competed well in both her matches.

"Michelle Rydell won an extended match a #2 singles, and Lauren Higgins had a good win at #3 singles � both wins against RC Central," she added.

First match results: Vermillion � 0, Mitchell � 9.

Singles: Karmyn Hettinger (M) def. Jessica Leffers 10-3; Laura Osterloo (M) def. Michelle Rydell 10-6; Jena Wenande (M) def. Lauren Higgins 10-2; Ann Konechne (M) def. Zazzee Coleman 10-1; Brooke Cersosimo (M) def. Liz Day 10-2; and Lora Healy (M) def. Dru Daniels 10-1.

Doubles: Hettinger/Osterloo def. Leffers/Rydell 10-3; Wenande/Konechne def. Higgins/ Coleman 10-5 7 (7-3); Healy/Cersosimo def. Day/ Daniels 10-0.

The second match results gave Rapid City Central � 7, Vermillion � 2.

In the singles: Ashley Waltman (C) def. Leffers 10-1; Rydell (V) def. Lucy Duke 11-10 (7-5); Higgins (V) def. Danielle Johnson 10-3; Suzanne Wyss (C) def. Zazzee Coleman 10-0; Steph Schumacher (C) def. Day 10-1; and Lydia Franz (C) def. Daniels 10-2.

Doubles: Waltman/Duke def. Leffers/Rydell 10-7; Johnson/ Wyss def. Higgins/Coleman 10-3; Jessica Rensch/Cassie Roszynski def. Day/Daniels 10-2.

"With each match all the girls are gaining needed experience, which is making them more confident as well as improving their skills," Rickord said.

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