Tanager volleyball team splits triangular meet

Tanager volleyball team splits triangular meet by Jim Prosser The Vermillion volleyball team opened its season last Tuesday night, Sept. 2, when they split with the Todd County Falcons and the Lennox Orioles in a triagular match hosted by the Tanagers.

Scoring procedures were � matches three best of five games with "rally" scoring (every point counts, no matter the server) and the play ends when the leading team scores 25 or leads by two points after that.

In the Lennox match, the Tanagers won 3-1, (25-23, 29-27, 24-26, 25-18) but couldn't salvage a 3-2 game victory by Todd County (25-21, 20-25, 25-20,19-25, 11-15).

The tie break game goes to 15 points, or a two point advantage past 15.

In year three for head coach Lenni Billberg's varsity there are three seniors, seven juniors and four sophomore players to form the 2003 season roster.

In the second match against the Orioles, the Tanagers were able to build early leads to claim a two game advantage, but the third game of the match was an overtime win for Lennox, and Vermillion dominated the competitors in the fourth game.

Led by Annie Carlson with 30 attacks, 7 passes, 12 kills, 2 aces, and 4 digs, she was aided by Jackie Thomas with 21 passes, 2.43 passing efficiency, 27 attacks, 3 aces, 17 digs, 6 kills, and 5 assists.

Also making major contributions were: Colette Joy, 20 passes with 2.2 in passing efficiency, 6 aces, 27 digs, and 4 kills; Melissa Olson, 10 digs, 9 passes and an ace; and Ellen Odson, 35 set assists, 17 digs, 1 ace and 2 kills; Michelle Olson, 5 digs, 3 passes, 18 attacks, and 5 kills.

The match against the Falcons was an exciting close scoring affair and created a lot of stats for the Tanagers.

Joy led with passes(20), attacks (24), digs (26), kills (10), and aces (4); Odson led with set assists (35), 2 kills, 1 aces, and 17 digs. Thomas had 20 passes, 20 attacks, 5 kills, 4 aces, and 28 digs; Carlson scored 8 kills, 15 passes, 41 attacks, 1 ace, and 28 digs; Michelle Olson registered 33 digs, 8 passes, and 14 attacks plus 3 kills; Melissa Olson had 38 attacks, 9 kills and 10 digs.

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