Tennis team suffers 1-8 setback at Yankton High

Tennis team suffers 1-8 setback at Yankton High by Jim Prosser On Monday, Sept. 15, the Tanager girls' tennis team were entertained under the lights by Yankton at the Summit Center courts for the another match of their 2003 season.

"It is always fun to play our evening match with Yankton, and this year was no exception," said coach Barb Rickord. "I was pleased with how everyone played. Michelle had an excellent win at #2 singles and we are still juggling players with Lindsay Morecraft having her first varsity experience at #6 singles and #3 doubles paired with Liz Day, and she competed very well."

Team score: Yankton 8; Vermillion 1.

Here are the varsity results:

Singles � Michelle Rydell (V) def. Abby Washburn 10-6; Jessica Mathison (Y) def. Lauren Higgins 10-4; Lindsay Wilcox (Y) def. Sarah Roetman 10-0; Melanie Rockne (Y) def. Zazzee Coleman 10-3; and Ronda Kachera (Y) def. Lindsay Morecraft 10-0

Doubles: Williams/Washburn def. Rydell/Roetman 10-1; Mathison/Wilcox def. Higgins/Coleman 10-1; and Rockne/Kachera def. Morecraft/Liz Day10-0.

JV singles: Lisa Becker (Y) def. Dru Daniels 6-0; Alicia Hesla (V) def. Erin Dykes 6-3; Shanon Skillman (V) def. Steph Simons 7-5; Katie Adam (Y) def. Stephanie Cowman 8-4; Sara Buhl (Y) def. Amanda Granaas 6-2; Katie Schenkel (Y) def. Liz Day 8-1; Lindsay Morecraft (V) def. Steph Simons 8-2; Katie Schenkle Becker (Y) def. Taiana Hayes 8-3; Emily Hunhoff (Y) def. Hayes 6-1.

JV Doubles: Dykes/Jime Schultz (Y) def. Daniels/Hesla 8-3; Becker/Buhl def. Hayes/Cowman 8-1; Jen Muhmel/Hunhoff def. Granaas/Skillman 8-2. JV Team scores: Yankton 9; Vermillion 3.

"Our JV players had some very good matches and are showing improvement with every contest," Rickord said. "As you can see, Alicia, Lindsay, and Shanon all had victories."

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