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Sept. 10 and summer is almost gone. Can you believe we only have three more weeks left? That's not fair – summer went to fast.

Thirty-five ladies were present to enjoy the delicious raspberry chicken pecan and salads served by Cherry Street Grille. We can always look forward to good food. Dessert was served by Joan Beringer, Helen Brown and Trudy Clopper.

After our meal Pat Berglund reported on the signup for teams for next year. There would be enough to help with the different duties next year. Five dollar membership drawing was won by Jean Marshall and Jeanne Balen. Mary Ekman Johnson from California was a guest, as was Leta, Trudy Clopper's daughter from South Africa.

The afternoon was spent by bridge and dominos. Fritz Lefler and Ardyce Meisenholder were high at dominos, low was Karine Amundson and Lynne Hatle. Caught with double blank were Jayne Merrigan and Ardyce Meisenholder won five rounds – one at each table were Karine Amundson and Lynne Hatle. There were two tables and nine players.

There were 16 bridge payers. The four aces prize went to Trudy Clopper and Deannie Christopherson won the travel prize (to take a trick with the 9). She had the prize on the last round.

Prizes were given for high scores for the couple who had high after the first, third and fifth. First round – Jan Uhl and Doris Mitchell, third round – Doris Mitchell and Pat Pratt, fifth round – Sarah Brown and Jan Uhl.

The 18 morning ladies found flags on every hole – some were fun to win and some not so much fun. On hole #1 – for having the most strokes was Glennis Stewart. Hole #2 – closest to green (if you were lucky closest to pin with third shot), Lynne Hatle. Hole #3 – longest drive, Lynne Hatle; Hole #4 – closest to red stake in one shot, Carol Clodfelter; Hole #5 – longest putt, Meryl Reed; Hole #6 – closest to white stake with any shot, Pat Pratt; Hole #7 – closest to cart path with any shot, Jan Uhl; Hole #8 – closest to pin with shot, Carol Clodfelter; Hole #9 – closest to environmental area, but not in, Pat Steckleberg.

We look forward to another good time next week.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League

The weeks of competition ended last week but, as in the past few years, capped the season with our annual derby. For the uninitiated, the derby is an event combining golf, drinking, and active spectatorship (also known as heckling), testing the concentration, nerves and sense of humor of the participants.

The format for the derby is similar to couples golf, except our statistician, Darlis, selects your partner. Players are paired by handicap � a low handicap player with a higher handicap player to try and even things out. Each golfer tees off. The pair chooses their best (or favorite) drive and plays couples per hole. The couple having the highest score after each hole is completed drops out of the play until only one couple remains per group. In the case of the high score being a tie, a chip off is done to determine which pair remain in the competition.

The remaining pairs join together to play off, using the same format, until a winner emerges. Once players have dropped out of the competition, their remaining job is to drink while cheering and heckling those still playing.

The winners of this year's derby were the team of Susan Oberle and Shelly Brunick. In fact, if anyone is interested in winning the derby, having Shelly Brunick on your team might be the best thing you can do. Shelly has only played in the derby twice. However, her team has won both times.

Susan and Shelly won in a chipping contest on hole #9 over the second place team of Diane Duin and Donna Schott. Indeed, it is ironic that Diane and Donna lost in a chipping duel, as during their play in the small group, they actually won only one hole outright, but managed to remain in the competition by winning a couple chipping contests.

Winning their small group and coming in third was the pair of Nancy Christopherson and Pat Durkin. Congratulations to all.

Men's league golfers complete second round

The league playoffs continued on Sept. 4, using the front nine tee boxes. Eight teams survived some very close matches, with Multiple Putts and Back 9 Grille being the only two teams to outscore their opponents by significant point totals. Four top seeded bit the dust in this round.

Bluffs Boys scraped by Serious six 12.5-10.5 and 1st National Bank defeated Chalky's 13-10.

S&H Construction slipped past Recuerdos/Silver$ 12.5-10.5 and West Side Inn was the victim of the Back 9 Grille domination to set up the third round pairings for the Red flight.

The Blue flight had LBA, Bogey+, Misfits and Multiple Putts overcoming PIK, Still Smokin', The Divots and Miller Lite, in that order. The third round pairings follow this report.

Par was battered and broken by five golfers with a 32 by Rick Haught, 35s by Mike Keller and Bill Willroth, plus 36 for Dave Chickering and Matt Ellis. Other under 40 scores were: Mike Wettstein (37), Tim Christopherson, Danny Johnson, and Nick Hovden (38 each); Kelly Higgins, Harlan Schott, and Don Harris (39 each). Jere Chapman golfed his best round ever and was credited with a lowest net 26.

There were 29 birdies for the day. Haught had four – on #s 2, 6, 7, and 9; Dennis Tomhave had three – #s 1, 3, and 5; Wettstein birdied #s 1, 6, and 7; and three birds were also credited to Chickering – #s 1, 5, and 6.

Pairings for playoff #2 are:

Red Flight

1. Bluffs Boys vs. 5. 1st National Bank; 7. S&H Construction vs. Back 9 Grille.

Blue Flight

2. LBA vs. 14. Misfits; 9. Bogey+ vs. 13. Multiple Putts.

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