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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Ladies shoot high at Bluffs

Clear blue skies were experienced again for 18 golf players Aug. 27. The game was regular golf � didn't turn out regular as everyone had high scores. No matter how bad you are playing it is always possible to play worse. Karine Amundson, Lynn Hatle, Rula Hatch and Helen Brown had the better scores. The busiest putters were Dody Eicher, Pat Pratt, Dorothy Dahlman and Arletta Baer.

The Cherry Street Grille served 37 ladies baked potato bar. The "Best Dessert in Town" was served by the group that named it � Rula Hatch, Joan Holter, Ardyce Meisenholder and Darlene Engbrecht.

Sixteen ladies stayed for bridge. Three top winners were Pat Berglund, Jan Uhl and Lorraine Brunick. Three low were Arlene DeVany, Margaret Cash and Meryl Reed. Jean Marshall won the travel prize. The four aces grovel prize still awaits a winner.

Pat Berglund handed out sheets with different jobs for next year and asked the ladies to sign where they would be willing to help.

The $5 membership drawing went to Mary Bartels and Jeannine Van Balen. Fran Zuppa was our guest for the day.

High in dominoes were Lynn Hatle and Ardyce Meisenholder. Low were Karine Amundson and Mary Bartels � interesting comment � Dodie Eicher had to give her only engine to the starter for three rounds. Mary Bartels never has an engine to start her train five times. Sorry Mary.

Hurry and come out and join us � we have only a few days left.

W.E.L.L. wraps up competitive play

Wednesday, Aug. 27 was the last night of competitive play of the Wednesday Evening Ladies League for this year. The hot weather held, and the rains didn't come. We enjoyed playing the back 9, with some good scoring and a number of birdies.

Having the low gross score this week was Jenny Chandler with a 38, just edging out Mary Gauer who shot a 39. The low net went to Mary Kay Zimmerman, one of our hostesses, with a 30 (54-20), also edging out Mary Gauer who had a 31.

Several women had birdies, including Mary Kay Zimmerman, having her best outing, with a birdie on #13. Other birdies were scored by Nancy Christopherson on #12 (only her second in league ever), Robin Miskimins on #11, Jenny Chandler on #14 and Kathy Merrigan-Manning on #12.

Our hostesses also awarded pin prizes for closest to the pin on #12, which went to Kathy Merrigan-Manning, longest putt on #10, won by Mary Gauer, and longest drive (in the fairway) on #18 also won by Mary Gauer (made up for being edged out of both low gross and low net, didn't she?). Inside the clubhouse the drawing for a gift certificate went to Susan Oberle.

As this was our last night of competition, elections were held to select the officers for next year's league. Elected (and showing great enthusiasm for being so honored) were Nichol Stevens as president, Joanne Ustad as vice-president, Lynette Wulff as treasurer and Robin Miskimins as secretary. Many thanks from the ladies to our outgoing president (of two terms) Susan Oberle for the fine job she did.

Senior golfers have great day

A nice day with a cool breeze enticed 52 seniors in the Senior Men's Fun Golf League to The Bluffs for golf on Tuesday, Sept. 2. The scores were fine and we found 10 birdies on the day.

Our winning team of Mo Marcotte, Vern Christensen and Gene Iverson turned in a fine score of 32. Congratulations men.

Other prize winners were at 34, Vern Holter, Bob Solomon, Ted Van Bruggen and Jack Doyle. At 36 we found Shorty Hanson, Jim Grabowski, Jim Reed and Dale Ende, along with Elmer Mount, Howard Connors, Pat Boyle and Tim O'Connor.

Then at 37 we had Don Baer, Loren Carlson, Joe Conroy and Jim Prosser, along with Sid Davis, Bob Lund, Louie Fostvedt and Don Young. Our final group at 38 was Harlan Schott, Cleland Cook, Fritz Bartels and Vern Merrigan.

We notice a nice mix of guests and regulars in the prize list.

Our shot-of-the-day award goes to Vern Christensen for his 51-foot putt on #2.

Guests this week included five golfers from Beresford, Buzz Richardson from Massachusetts and Vern Merrigan from California.

We enjoyed having you with us.

We hope to see a good turnout again next week. Seniors golf is fun!

Calendar of events

Tuesday, September 9

USD Business School Day.

Monday, September 8

Senior Mens' Fun League.

8:30 a.m. � Registration with coffee and donuts.

9:30 a.m. � Shotgun start.

11:30 p.m. � Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Noon � Open golf (make your own tee times).

Wednesday, September 10

8 a.m. � Ladies morning golf, luncheon, and cards activities begin.

9 a.m. � Tee off.

Noon � Lunch.

1 p.m. � Cards.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, September 11

2:30 p.m. � Registration for Men's League Tournament.

Third round pairings are listed in the Pro Shop at The Bluffs.

3 p.m. � First session shotgun tee-off.

6 p.m. � Second session shotgun tee-off.

Friday, September 12

5 p.m. � Weekly social and golf.

If there is demand, come out and join in the fun and food.

Men�s league golfers

post first round scores

After completion of regular league play, the playoffs commenced on Aug. 28, using the back nine tee boxes. Four teams (two from each division) were assigned byes, and the remaining 24 teams were paired off using the standings from one division, against the reverse standings in the other, for the first round of the league tournament.

Results were somewhat different than might have been expected as upsets and tight scoring matches were the order of the week. The only lopsided wins involved West Side Inn with a 23-0 forfeit over Drew�s Crew. A couple 18-5 wins were assigned to Back 9 Grille over The Pickups, and Divots over Pros; 16-7 victories were listed when Miller Lite topped Coldwell Banker, Chalky�s beat Bogey�s 4-Ever, and Multiple Putts dominated Ace Hardware.

Close 13-10 scores were posted by S&H Construction over Free Swingers and First National over Eagles. Serious Six registered a 12.5 to 10.5 victory against Sandtrappers; and Misfits beat Alkota (12-11 points), as did PIK over Community First Insurance, in some real squeakers. But, the fly in the ointment was a tie 11.5-11.5 involving Bogey+ and Char Bar. They had to play off at a later time and the sudden death format went one hole with Bogey+ prevailing.

Some major upsets were scored by 14th seeded Misfits over third seeded Alkota; #13 Multiple Putts over #4 Ace Hardware; Miller Lite (12th) beat #5, and #11 conquered #6, setting up 12 vs. 13 and 11 vs. 14 second round matches. The rest of the second round pairings follow this report.

Par was not broken but Mike Wettstein scored 37 on both of his two rounds. Three golfers recorded 38s � Rick Haught, Matt Ellis, and Dennis Chandler. Don Harris was the only other under 40 with a 39.

There were 21 birdies for the day. Mike Wettstein, Mark Tipton and Dave Chickering each had two birdies on their rounds.

Pairings for playoff #2 are:

Red Flight

1. Bluffs Boys vs. 8. Serious Six; 2. Recuerdos/Silver Dollar vs. 7. S&H Construction; 3. West Side Inn vs. 11. Back 9 Grille; 4. Chalky�s vs. 5. First National.

Blue Flight

1. Still Smokin� vs. 9. Bogey+; 2. LBA vs. 7. PIK; 11. The Divots vs. 14. Misfits; 12. Miller Lite vs. 13. Multiple Putts.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League

(WELL) Standings

August 27, 2003

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. A Slice of Heaven 63.5 80 79.38%

2. Augusta Gals 62 80 77.50%

3. Environmental Hazards 52.5 75 70.00%

4. Lopez Sisters 56 80 70.00%

5. Whatever 52.5 75 70.00%

6. First National Bank 46 75 61.33%

7. Mollies Follies 44 75 58.67%

8. Bertha�s Babes 42.5 75 56.67%

9. Lucky Shots 45 80 56.25%

10. T.B.A. 41.5 75 55.33%

11. Chix With Stixs 41 75 54.67%

12. Wedgies 37 75 49.33%

13. Golf Bags 36 75 48.00%

14. Pinnacle�s, The 34.5 75 46.00%

15. Tee�d Off 33 75 44.00%

16. Bluffers, The 31 75 41.33%

17. Rough Riders 26 75 34.67%

18. Jacks 21 75 28.00%

19. Sand Yappers 16 80 20.00%

20. Par-Tee Girls 14.5 75 19.33%

21. Lucky Ladies 4.5 75 6.00%

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