VHS girls’ tennis team plays in Brookings

VHS girls' tennis team plays in Brookings by Jim Prosser The Tanager girls' tennis team faced some of the tougher AA teams in the high school ranks at the Brookings Invitational on Friday, Sept. 12.

Vermillion was unable to field a #1 player so they had to default two games in each of the four matches. Rapid City Central's match ended with an 8-1 score � the Tanager's Michelle Rydell winning over Lucy Duke (RCC) 8-3.

The rest of the singles results were: Danielle Johnson def. Lauren Higgins, 8-6; Suzanne Wyss (C) def. Sarah Roetman 8-1; Stephanie Schumacher (C) def. Zazzee Coleman, 8-6; and Whitney Schwardt (C) def. Dru Daniels 8-0.

The Tanager losses in doubles were: Johnson/Wyss def. Higgins/Coleman, 8-0; and Schumacher/Cassie Raczynski def. Roetman/Daniels 8-1.

There were only losses in the Watertown match � Singles: Lauren Saylor (W) def. Rydell 8-6; Meggie Gough (W) def. Higgins 8-1; Amanda Hambek (W) def. Roetman 8-0; Jacquie Devine (W) def. Coleman 8-4; and Erica Johnson (W) def. Daniels 8-1.

Doubles results: Tegan Bakke/Saylor def. Rydell/Roetman 8-4; and Devine/Johnson def. Higgins/Coleman 8-3.

In the RC Stevens match, Rydell defaulted at #2. The remaining singles showed a win for Higgins over Brie Groves (S) 8-5; Cassie Moser (S) def. Roetman 8-2; Dulcy Andrews (S) def. Coleman 8-0; and Lauren Schultz (S) def. Daniels 8-0. In doubles: Groves/Moser def. Higgins/Coleman 8-4; and Schultz/Andrews def. Roetman/Daniels 8-0.

The final match finished up 9-0 in favor of Brookings. Singles: Kasey Gauthier (B) def. Rydell 8-3; Amy Everding (B) def. Higgins 8-4; Emily Langland (B) def. Roetman 8-1; Shannon Ommen (B) def. Coleman 8-4; and Andi Ribstein (B) def. Daniels 8-3. In doubles: Everding/Langland def. Rydell/Roetman 8-1; Ommen/Ribstein def. Higgins/Coleman 8-3.

Coach Barb Rickord had this to say about these matches: "We were missing Jessica Leffers (#1 singles and doubles), and Savanna Day at #3 singles and doubles for this invitational, but the girls played well through a long day of tennis in Brookings. Each of them played some of their best games of the season, but also figured out what they need to work on to improve. These AA schools are a good learning experience for us."

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