Volleyball team meets with disaster against Bon Homme

Volleyball team meets with disaster against Bon Homme by Jim Prosser The VHS varsity volleyball team played Bon Homme to a five game match with scores 26-24, 14-25, 25-23, 24-26 and 3-15 for a 3-2 loss on Tuesday, Sept. 9 in the Vermillion High School gym.

The preliminary matches involved the freshmen girls on the C team who lost a close 10-25, 24-26 two game squeaker.

C team coach Mandy Muller cited the following for their play in the B-H match: McKinsey Weydert with 10 points on serve, 11 digs, and 2 set assists; Annie Roche � 10 passes, 3 attacks, 7 digs, and 5 pos; Chelsea Gauer � 6 attacks, 1 kill, 3 digs, 4 pos; Sara McCann with 9 pos, 4 aces, 5 passes, 2 attacks, and 2 digs.

The junior varsity is coached by Jon Reuvers and they were swept by Bon Homme 19-25, 18-25. He wanted to recognize the following players for the match: Digs � Brittnay Weydert and Laura Aga led the team with 5 each, while Patricia Merrigan had 3; Attacks � Heather Walker went 10 for 13 service points and led ace attacks with 5, she also led the spikers with 4 kills, and scored 3 solo blocks. Brittany Campbell had 4 set assists.

Head Coach Lenni Billberg was was not too dissatisfied with the varsity's early performance.

"Tonight's match was too close for comfort," she said. "Missed serves and passing problems probably cost us the match. However, if the girls continue their never give up attitude, true 'Tanager Red' will come out in the end of each game."

In the match � Jackie Thomas registered 2 blocks, 1 assist, 8 points on serve, 37 attacks, 9 kills, 22 passes, and 10 digs. Annie Carlson had 34 attacks, 6 kills, 17 passes, 7 digs, 20 pos, and 5 aces. Colette Joy had 20 P, 24 A, 8 K, 19 pos, 4 aces, and 4 digs; Ellen Odson recorded 28 set assists, 2 kills, 15 pos, and 2 digs. Melissa Olson had 3 B, 5 K, 29 A, 6 D, 13 pos 1 ace, and 9 P. Michelle Olson recorded 11 P, 22 A, 4 K, 2 D.

With the loss, the team has the current season 1-5 record.

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