Analysis finds strong American Legion impact

Analysis finds strong American Legion impact Community volunteers often wonder if their efforts make a difference. For members of the American Legion throughout the nation, an analysis of reports covering the past 12 months provides evidence that it does � to the tune of $40.5 million and counting. A review of reports covering July 2002 through June 2003 finds that post service officers gave more than 250,000 veterans assistance in seeking to obtain earned benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

More than 5,000 volunteer members of Legion Color Guards and Honor Guards gave 103,049 veterans final graveside military honors. More than 26,000 veterans found jobs through Legion job placement action and another 23,000 were placed in critical job training positions.

When it comes to volunteer time you cannot put a price on the more than 3.4 million hours members of the American Legion put in.

Legionnaires also rallied more than 2,000 communities for Sept. 11 Remembrance ceremonies. and the local blood supplies were filled with 90,000 pints of blood from these wartime veterans.

Since 1919 members of the American Legion have remained committed to their community, state and nation through volunteer service to veterans, their families and the children of America.

The American Legion is the nation's largest wartime veterans organization.

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