Brandon Valley Lynx handle Tanager girls’ tennis team

Brandon Valley Lynx handle Tanager girls' tennis team by Jim Prosser On Tuesday, Sept. 23, the Tanager girls hosted a dual meet with the Brandon Valley Lynx tennis squad at the USD courts near the DakotaDome.

Here are the scores: Singles � Hilart Green (BV) def. Jessica Leffers 10-2; Julia Lappe (BV) def. Michelle Rydell 10-3; Ann Knutson (BV) def. Lauren Higgins 10-4; Jill Tucek (BV) def. Sarah Roetman 10-4; Jamie Vermeer (BV) def. Zazzee Coleman 10-3; and Lindsay Morecraft (V) def. Gillian Bright 10-6, 10-2.

In JV singles: Megan Maasen (BV) def. Stephanie Cowman 6-1; Jessica Ramsey (BV) def. Taiana Hayes 6-1; Bright def. Dru Daniels 6-3; Jessica Ramsi (BV) def. Amanda Granaas 6-1; and Maasen def. Alicia Hesla 6-2.

Doubles: Grun/Lappe (BV) def. Leffers/Rydell 10-5; Knudtson/Tucek (BV) def. Higgins/Coleman 10-1; Vermeer/Ashle Rubin (BV) def. Roetman/Morecraft 10-4 .

"We had several matches that were closer than the scores would indicate, however our girls need more work on staying in the point longer and waiting for the right opportunity to finish," said coach Barb Rickord. "We had some good, competitive matches against Brandon Valley, and perfect weather, so I think the girls had fun playing their last home match. It has been great to be able to play the USD courts. They're a great addition to the USD campus and Vermillion."

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