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Check It Out by Anne Marshall Best Selling Authors

Edgar Award-winning author, Stuart Woods, is back with his third thriller featuring Will Lee, the courageous and uncompromising politician from Georgia and one of Wood's most memorable and dynamic characters. In Capital Crimes, Lee again finds himself in the middle of a tangled web of intrigue and danger, politics and power.

New York Times best selling author, Bernard Cornwell, has written his masterpiece in a roiling saga about love, honor, belief, and bravery. Heretic introduces a young seasoned veteran of King Edward's army, Thomas of Hookton, as his religious heritage sets him on a quest for a mysterious treasure rumored to be the Holy Grail itself.

In Blow Fly, Dr. Kay Scarpetta's career as Virginia's Chief Medical Examiner, has just come to an end. Award-winning author, Patricia Cornwell, is back with an arresting new novel featuring one of America's most charismatic and passionate characters. Dr. Scarpetta tries to find solace in the Florida sun as she settles into a new life doing private forensic consultation.

Richard North Patterson's masterful portrayals of law and politics at the apex of power have made him one of our most important writers of popular fiction. In Balance of

Power, Patterson confronts one of America's most inflammatory issues, the terrible toll of gun violence.

New York Times best selling authors David and Leigh Eddings have entertained legions of fantasy readers for decades with epic fantasy classics. They now bring to their fans the first volume in the new saga of The Dreamers, an enthralling and richly imaginative epic that introduces two generations of living Gods. Pick up The Elder Gods to find the impending doom that threatens them.

Fine Sherlockian novels have turned Carole Nelson Douglas into a genuine mystery star. Irene Adler is the only woman ever to have outwitted Sherlock Holmes, and the one who has come closest to stealing his heart. Femme Fatale is the latest detective mystery to feature Adler's daring investigations where she competes and sometimes cooperates with Holmes.

Dana Stabenow is a talented writer at the prime of her abilities. In A Grave Denied Stabenow adds yet another Alaskan mystery to her list of crime novels.

Everyone knew the handyman hired for the park near Niniltna, Alaska, but no one really knew anything about him, until Kate Sugak and Alaska State Trooper, Jim Chopin, take on the investigation of his death.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club Chapter-a-Day offers many selections to internet patrons. Each book will run five days (Monday-Friday), with a new book starting every Monday. Check out this service by registering at the library's Web site,, and clicking on the book club logo. Selections for the week of Nov. 3 will be:

Audio Book: No selection for this week.

Business: What Really Works, by William Joyce

Fiction: The Canal House, by Mark Lee

Good News: The Rhythm of Compassion, by Gail Straub

Horror: Red Angel, by Andrew Harper

Mystery: Sensei, by John Donohue

Non-Fiction: Linked, by Albert-Laszio Barabasi

Pre-Pub: No selection for this week.

Romance: Born to Love, by Leigh Greenwood

Science Fiction-Fantasy: Blade Dancer, by S.L. Viehl

Teen Book: City of the Beasts, by Isabel Allende

Celebrate Life, Literacy, & Learning

Check out the new show in the display case across from the circulation desk. The items displayed, which represent the happenings of 100 years ago, show pictures of Main Street and other interests of Vermillion.

Watch for more exciting centennial events later this month.

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