Clubs Auxiliary will sell poppies

The Ladies Auxiliary to Clay Post #3061 meeting was held Tuesday evening, Oct. 21 with President Elizabeth Fiedler presiding.

Roll call of officers was taken and recorded. Chaplain Eileen Johnson offered the opening prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting and treasurer's report was read and approved.

Barbara Kronaizl reported on the bingo playing at the nursing home for September and October. Correspondence including General Order #4 were read. Thank you letters were read from Royal C. Johnson Hopsital for jigsaw puzzles and also the fourth graders of St. Agnes School for the classroom flag given to them.

Marlene Amundson reported she had purchased decorations for the Christmas tree at the State Capitol building in Pierre. Chairman Delores Gregg reported that the auxiliary will be selling poppies on Nov. 6. Members were asked to take easel boards to sell.

One birthday card and one sympathy card was mailed. Kronaizl reported on hospital equipment on loan, hospice hours and Road to Recovery trips and hours.

Johnson reported on Civic Council donation for band prizes in the Dakota Day parade.

Dorothy Lane is chairman of the Patriots Pen Essay Contest for all seventh and eighth graders in Clay County schools. Monetary gifts will be given to winners.

Funeral committee served lunch after Elaine Hirsch's funeral and the charter was draped for Elaine who died on Oct. 19.

Reports were given on District #1 meeting and the Big Ten Conference.

City Hall topic at Rotary

Beginning with a Citizen Task Force's work in 1997, Vermillion Mayor Roger Kozak reviewed the steps leading up to the city council's decision on Sept. 2 to purchase the present Community First National Bank's building for a new City Hall location. The decision has since been referred to the city's voters in a determination to be made at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

The 1997 Task Force, chaired by Ken Beringer, evaluated all city of Vermillion buildings on a standard rating scale considering function, space and current condition. City Hall was the third lowest rated. The two buildings rated lower at the time, the fire station and the ambulance station, have since been replaced by the new Radigan Fire Station and EMS building on North Dakota Street.

Kozak also stated that the need to renovate or replace City Hall also became the number one priority of a panel that reviewed Vermillion's Comprehensive Plan and recommended a prioritized list of improvements to the city's infrastructure. Architects and engineers have since confirmed structural problems with the current City Hall, and Kozak said the fact that the building is not compliant with the American Disabilities Act is another crucial reason to look at alternatives.

Early review of 11 possible locations for the new city hall narrowed the list to four options, when the bank's management indicated a desire to downsize their operations and make the present bank building available to the city of Vermillion. This led to the City Council's vote to come to terms with the bank, with one dissenting vote, based on the economics of purchasing a compatiblebuilding and make the necessary alternations, rather than trying to renovate the present City Hall or build a new one.

Rotarians were reminded of their upcoming 60th anniversary dinner Tuesday evening, Nov. 4, at the Al Neuharth Center. Guests of the club this week were Joe and Doris Huber and four students from Vermillion High School � Jared Burcham, B.J. Campbell, Kellen Cusick and Colin Prosser.

Storm, Reedy furnish refreshments

On Tuesday, Oct. 21, nine dominoes players came to spend the afternoon at the Senior Center. A table of five had Monica Ballard with high score of 450 and Veryl Lawrensen winning with 281 points. The table of four players had Robin Eisenmenger with the high score of 377 and Doris Schmidt with the winning number of 194.

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, we still were having lovely colors and temperatures for our fall. We had 18 pitch, four pinochle and 17 bridge players.

Bridge winners were Pat Berglund, first; Robin Eisenmenger, second; Ernie Miller, third; Marlys Miller, blind bogey and Reidella Engman, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Lucy Storm and Donna Reedy.

Jolly Juniorettes elects officers

The Jolly Juniorettes 4-H club met on Oct. 14 at the 4-H center for the first meeting of the new 4-H year. They started out by picking up litter around the fairgrounds.

President Theresa Dendinger opened the meeting. Sarah Anderson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Sarah Mayer led the 4-H pledge. Everyone introduced themselves and told what their favorite class in school is. Six new members were welcomed to the club: Jeanette Conway, Lisa Punt, Elly Melby, Sara Marker, Cody Carr and Jeff Carr.

Dendinger told club members they did a great job on the record books for 2002-2003. Everyone was encouraged to do a judging school in the coming year. The community service book was passed around for everyone to see. Vice President Tia Krier did an excellent job! The club is very proud of how it turned out.

Ellen Hanson and her family were thanked for helping at Discovery 4-H night. The 4-H Recognition Event is to be held Nov. 16 at the 4-H building; everyone was encouraged to attend.

Discussion took place on the food items each member would bring for the Thanksgiving basket that will be donated to a needy family in our community.

4-H members brought packages of chewing gum this month to the meeting for the military care package they are putting together. Members will bring different items each month. In January a single care package will then be mailed to the Vermillion troop overseas.

The new Clay County 4-H enrollment forms were handed out, with the date of Nov. 1 as the deadline to turn them back into the Extension office.

New officers were elected. President � Sara Anderson, Vice-President � Ariel Begley, Secretary � Sarah Mayer, Treasurer � Emily Holoch, Reporter � Ellen Hanson and Camera � Emily Holoch.

There was a job description change. The vice president is no longer in charge of the community service book, but the camera person is.

The 2003-2004 4-H club program was handed out. Whoever is doing a demonstration will be the host/hostess in charge of refreshments for that meeting. If more than one person is doing a demonstration those involved will coordinate what to bring.

The 2003-2004 4-H members journals were handed out. Club members were informed that page seven is to be filled out after every club meeting attended and for every Come Create Day, Project Day, and Community Service done.

Dendinger did a demonstration on "How to Give a Demonstration" and "How to Carve a Pumpkin" and Katie VanBalen gave a demonstration on "How to Make Rainbow Dust."

All club members put together Halloween treat bags that will be given to the Senior Citizens Center and Dakota Gardens for their Halloween day lunch tables. Lunch was served by Dendinger and VanBalen.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 11, 7 p.m. at the 4-H kitchen. Thanksgiving food items and military care package items (if your last name starts with letter A-H � bring hard candy; if your last name starts with letter I-Z � bring wet wipes) should be brought to this meeting. William Mart and Austin Krier will give a demonstration. Austin Krier will give a judging school.

Ellen Hanson, Reporter

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