Clubs Seniors enjoy dominoes, bridge

Thirteen domino players spent Tuesday, Oct. 7, which was like a summer day, at Senior Citizens Center, for the afternoon. Of the table of six, Doris Schmidt had the lowest score to win with 223, Louise Eklund had 425 for low. Of the table of seven players, Verl Lawrensen won with 248 and Nila Fostvedt was low with 388 score.

On Wednesday, Oct. 8, the card party at the center had 16 bridge and 25 pitch players. Bridge winners were Adeline Isaacson, first; Bob Michael, second; Max Christol, blind bogie and Meryl Reed, low.

Coffee refreshments were furnished by Jayne Merrigan and Sarah Brown.

Welcome to all Tuesday or Wednesday; join us seniors!

Master Gardeners reminded of hours

Sharon Allen called the Clay County Master Gardeners meeting to order at 10 a.m. at Roberta Iverson's.

Five members were in attendance: Sharon Allen, Karin Woltjer, Roberta Iverson, Tom Vogel, and Grace Freeman.

Grace Freeman discussed the Farmer's Market meeting which was to be held on Sunday, Oct. 5. The Farmer's Market had a successful year. Next year they are going to hold a fund raiser in the spring to off- set vendor fees.

Karin Woltjer discussed the Clay County Fair. In general attendance was low and few people stopped at our booth. She asked to be reimbursed for the booth fee. Next year we have to consider whether it is worth our time and effort to have a booth.

The next Master Gardener meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 6 p.m. at the 4-H building. The Vermillion Garden Club will be invited to participate. The educational session is not yet determined. Grace Freeman will find a speaker.

Sharon Allen will contribute an article to the state newsletter. This article is due Oct. 15.

Sharon will no longer be writing the Garden Corner article for the Plain Talk. Karin Woltjer will be the new writer. Good luck Karin.

Master Gardeners are reminded that they need 10 hours of educational experience and 10 hours of volunteer time each year to maintain their Master Gardener certification. These hours should be submitted to April Borders by Nov. 1.

Juno Chapter gives to St. Jude�s hospital

The monthly meeting of Juno Chapter OES was held Oct. 13 at the temple.

Regular business was conducted by Worthy Matron Sigrid Nissen. A special donation was given to the St. Jude Children�s Hospital.

A former officer, Mrs. Fred Petersen of Lincoln, NE, was welcomed.

Juno�s officer Jill Glover and baby daughter were present and honored with a monetary card shower.

P.G.P. Calvin Rosenbaum, Vera Emerson, Fran Moore, Sondra and Frank Stickney will attend the S.D. Eastern Star Session in Pierre on Oct. 16-18.

The evening�s lunch was served by Jan Petersen, Sondra and Frank Stickney. The next meeting will be Nov. 10. We welcome any Eastern Star members.

Rotary Club meets at Neuharth Center

The Vermillion Rotary Club with Dan Van Peursen presiding met for our weekly lunch at our new, spacious gathering place at the Neuharth Center.

Guests from Vermillion High School Oct. 14 were Caleb Berry, Christine Berry and Mitch Bierle. A �temporary Tanager,� our Rotary exchange student from Germany, Dorothee Kiss, also joined us.

Al Pravacek squeezed some extra money out of us with good news announcements and hit a rich vein in the current epic struggles in the baseball world.

Our annual banquet is scheduled for Nov. 4 celebrating 60 years of Rotary in Vermillion.

Guest speaker today was Jessica Leffers, our own Rotary exchange student who spent the last school year in Brazil and had much to tell us about. Jennifer settled in to the city of Paracatu, a couple hours south of Brasilia, for a lengthy immersion in Brazilian life, Portuguese included. It was different.

School started earlier (7:30 a.m.), but then it ended much earlier as well (as it does in places like Germany). The atmosphere at the school is more academic with a good deal of strenuous ramping up for the exams taken to graduate which also largely determine one�s eligibility to proceed to a university.

Because the school day ends around noon, there;s no time in that busy morning for the kind of activities, from music to drivers� ed, that punctuate the long, shambling American school day.

The food was different, too, but Jessica discovered one fruity delicacy that she�s sure will sell for millions if she can arrange for its importation and distribution,. And then there were the beaches of Rio and the waterfalls in the interior and the crowds in Sao Paulo and Karneval before Lent and much more. An adventure to be sure.

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