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The Vermillion Rotary Club with Dan Van Peursen presiding met for our weekly lunch at the Silver Dollar. Starting next week we will be in more spacious quarters at the newly revamped Al Neuharth Center. But the food at the Silver Dollar has been good even if we had to keep our elbows tucked in.

Paul Hasse brought in our speaker for today: Gary Culver, longtime math teacher, football coach and, more often than not, athletic director at Vermillion High School. Coach Culver filled us in on the current season but also took us back in time to talk about some of the people who have been part of the sports programs in and around Vermillion.

Culver, himself, has been coaching at VHS since 1977 and he noted that many of the coaches at VHS have had long careers. Which must mean that even occasional losing seasons are tolerated by the Vermillion public.

Perhaps having some alternative social gatherings in town, mostly USD sponsored, one assumes, is what keeps us from persecuting coaches who run into an occasional bad patch. On the other hand, Culver noted that Vermillion has generally done quite well with its teams. In its current season the football team is 3-1, though with some tough games looming.

Vermillion is part of the "Big Eight" Conference which, however, only has four teams in it currently. This is a regional conference here in the pulsating, southeastern corner of the state where populations keep changing, school districts split as well as merge, and it has been hard to keep a long term balance between different high schools in the area.

Right now the four members of the "Big Eight" are Vermillion, Lennox (the team VHS hopes to vanquish this coming Friday), Madison and West Central. It's easy to see how the continuing peripheral growth around our metropolis to the north could change the line up even in just a decade.

With such a fluctuating demographic it's possible that before long there will even be eight teams in the "Big Eight."

In the meantime just beating those three other teams will do and if things are going worse we'll maybe take in a play or concert or lecture instead of immediately forming a posse to run the coach out on a rail. Ah, the comfort of being a high school coach in a college town.

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