Letters Don't miss 'Red Masquerade'

To the editor:

Three years ago � Halloween, 2000, to be precise � a grand and fanciful event took place at Pro's banquet hall in Vermillion. Those fortunate enough to have attended the first "Red Masquerade" psychedelic costume ball hold fond memories of that legendary gala dear to their hearts and will be tickled pink to discover that its long-anticipated sequel is fast approaching.

At 9:30 p.m. on Nov. 1, Vermillion's own Animalcule – now the Midwest's premier avant-garde/psychedelic rock band – will take the stage once more, presiding over the evening's festivities while showcasing their legendary puzzling light show, full-scale video projections and, of course, their majestic and mysterious music. Pro's doors will be open to those of all ages, costumes are very strongly encouraged and � best of all � it's absolutely free. Don't dare miss the second tri-annual "Red Masquerade," a true Vermillion original.

For more details, visit www.animalculemusic.com.

Josh Hilpert


Big tax loss

To the editor:

Two things Vermillion tax payers should consider when voting Nov. 18 on the city's decision to purchase and remodel a building for $2,200,000 for a new city hall are:

1. The three most important services that our city provides us are police, fire protection and ambulance. These departments have very adequate facilities and a new city hall would not improve their response time or quality of service. In fact, our streets would not be cleaned any sooner or better or repaired any sooner or better with a new city hall.

2. The building the city wants to buy, Community First Bank, pays $26,000 per year in property tax. Last year the bank was issued a $210,000 remodeling building permit. The property tax for these improvements is phased in over five years.

USD purchased Brighton Heights Apartments this year and taxes will go up to cover the $43,000 in property tax that building was paying. Taxes will go up higher if the bank building is taken off the tax rolls.

Paul M. Hasse


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