New method of receiving copies saves time

New method of receiving copies saves time If you're planning a trip out of the country, planning on applying for your driver's license, or planning on applying for social security, plan to get a certified copy of your birth record. Certified copies of those records can now be purchased locally and over the Internet, cutting days off the time required to fill mail requests for a vital record through the Department of Health.

The change is the result of the state's ongoing automation project to create a statewide issuance system of certified copies. The goal is to provide quick service to individuals born in South Dakota who need copies of their records. At this time, the following vital records can be issued by any county Register of Deeds office:

* Birth records � all.

* Marriage records � 1970 to the present.

* Death records � in process; any death occurring after Jan. 1, 2004 will be available for issuance at any Register of Deeds office.

Customers can also choose to order certified copies of all birth, death, marriage and divorce records at

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