O’Gorman St. Mary’s beats eighth-grade football team

O'Gorman St. Mary's beats eighth-grade football team by Jim Prosser The Redbird eighth-grade football team faced O'Gorman St. Mary's in Vermillion on Saturday, Sept. 27.

The score was close � 13-12 as an extra point kick was the difference in the O'Gorman win.

Leading rusher for VMS was Matt Nelson with 87 yards. Cody Miller went 1 for 4 passing for 15 yards as Jordan Merrigan caught it near the goal line. Casey Carlson had a two- yard dive for a TD (he had a total 42 yards rushing in the game). The Tanagers had scored their first touchdown when tailback Nelson broke three tackles and went 56 yards for the score.

O'Gorman scored both of their TDs on pass plays. They also attempted two field goals which were both blocked by Daniel Storm who also recorded 10 tackles.

Leading tacklers were: Thomas Mollet with 14 and a QB sack; C.J. Haakinson and Ryan Husby � 12 and a QB sack each; Miller � 11 and a sack; Heath Hubert � 9 Ts. Altogether, the team registered 99 tackles.

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