Rounds asks students to write to troops

Rounds asks students to write to troops Gov. Mike Rounds has a special request for South Dakota students.

Last week, Rounds sent a letter to all school districts asking South Dakota elementary and secondary schools to send messages of cheer to U.S. troops deployed away from their friends and families during the holidays.

In the cards or letters, students can include information about their own families, communities, schools, school activities, and hobbies. The messages can include special holiday greetings and the students' wishes for the coming year.

The South Dakota National Guard has more than 700 soldiers deployed overseas and 200 on active duty in the United States. The Army Reserve in Sioux Falls has more than 130 serving overseas.

Schools are asked to collect the letters written by their student and send them to the governor's office in Pierre. The messages will be packaged and mailed to the troops.

The letters must be received in the governor's office no later than Nov. 10 in order to reach their destinations by the holidays.

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