SD’s West Nile cases top 1,000

SD's West Nile cases top 1,000 The Department of Health reported 41 more human�West Nile�cases Oct. 14, bringing the total of reported cases to 1,019.

There have been eight�West Nile�deaths reported in�South Dakota.�Nationally, 45 states have reported 6,613�West Nile�cases and 139 deaths to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.����

Every county in the state has now reported human�West Nile�cases. Counties with the highest number of cases include Pennington (132), Brown (82), Minnehaha (55), Hughes (42),�Butte�(41), Lawrence (28), Charles Mix (27), Meade (26), Shannon (24), Dewey (22),�Fall River�(22), Marshall (21) and Davison (20). The eight deaths occurred in Brown, Clay, Meade, Pennington (three)�Shannon�and�Ziebach counties.

The Department of Health has also reported 89 out-of-state�West Nile�disease cases to their home states.��

Of�South Dakota's cases, 142 have been reported with meningitis, encephalitis or meningoencephalitis; 733 with�West Nile�fever; and 17 with acute flaccid paralysis syndrome associated with WNV infection. Many cases are still under investigation or have a pending diagnosis.

Fifty-two percent of the cases are male and 48 percent are female. Eighty-eight percent of the cases are white and 11 percent are Native American. The median age is 44 years and the ages range from less than 1 month to 96 years.

The elderly are at greatest risk of meningoencephalitis, the most severe form of WNV disease; 54 percent of the cases are over 50. The median age of the deaths is 79 years (range 34-89). The deaths are 75 percent male and 25 percent female.

There have been 57 asymptomatic individuals detected through routine screening of blood donations since July in�South Dakota.

Non-human�West Nile�positives have included 600 mosquitoes, 122 birds, 73 ill horses, two dogs and two squirrels.��

Although the risk of infection decreases with cooler fall weather, the�West Nile�transmission season will continue until an area experiences its first hard frost, which is a temperature of 28 degrees F or less. People are encouraged to take anti-mosquito precautions until the first hard frost hits their locality.��

For more information please go to the South Dakota West Nile Virus Web site,

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