Speaker to compare Lewis & Clark, space flight during Sgt. Floyd Tri-State Chapter meeting

Speaker to compare Lewis & Clark, space flight during Sgt. Floyd Tri-State Chapter meeting Comparisons and contrasts between the Lewis and Clark Expedition of the early 1800s and NASA manned space flights of 200 years later will be the guest speaker's topic at the Sgt. Floyd Tri-State Chapter's next meeting.

Dr. Robert W. Phillips of Colorado State University and NASA will address chapter members and guests at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 2, at Western Iowa Tech's Building A, Room 920, at 4647 Stone Avenue off East Gordon Drive in Sioux City.

Phillips' remarks will focus on the intriguing thesis that both Lewis and Clark and the astronauts set out to chart "new and unknown frontiers" and while on their missions were and are physically cut off from their familiar worlds. Furthermore, the explorers and the astronauts were dependent on the resources that they carried with them and on their own ingenuity.

Selected as payload specialist for NASA's Spacelab Life Sciences 1 in 1984 but medically disqualified 10 months before flight, Phillips later served as Space Station Chief Scientist at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC. He now works part time for the space agency's education and outreach program and presents nationally for the organization during the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. Phillips is a doctor of veterinary medicine and also holds a Ph.D in physiology and nutrition.

Phillips' presentation on Nov. 2 will start with similarities and differences between the Lewis and Clark and the manned space "voyages" and will include photos taken by astronauts of key features of the Lewis and Clark Trail. It will also include an overview of the moon missions as well as aspects of living in space today and how different it is from living beyond the frontier of 200 years ago.

The host Sgt. Floyd Tri-State Chapter is an affiliate of the national Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage organization. The chapter includes members from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota and informally "covers" the trail from Onawa, IA, to Fort Randall Dam and meets for Lewis and Clark-related programs five times annually at venues along that part of the Missouri River. New members are always welcome.

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