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The Bluffs Bulletin Board President's Cup tourney notes final

The team President's Cup tournament had its final round competition between members who played a singles format. Results of the nine-hold pairings were as follows:

Team Jensen (4.5) vs. Team Stevens (8.5); Jim Frye lost to Steve Spawn; Harlan Schott def. Joe Villalobos; Dave Raabe lost to Mark Clark; Brian Steele lost to Gary Prosser; Aaron Baedke lost to Justin McVay; Don Harris tied Greg Baedke; Kurt Kuiper def. Lyle Weyrich; Mike Allen tied Mark Tipton; Jere Chapman lost to Steve Bucklin; Dennis Bruce tied Harland Durkin; Nick Hovden lost to Rick Haught; Nick Mayer tied Romney Jones; Rusty Jensen tied Eric Stevens.

Final team scores; Stevens � 14; Jensen � 10.

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