USD ranked 10th most connected campus

USD ranked 10th most connected campus In recognition of its innovative use of technology on campus, The University of South Dakota was ranked 10th in the Princeton Review's list of The Top 25 Most Connected Campuses published on

To identify the colleges on the list, The Princeton Review collated responses from over 100,000 college students, as well as data from campus administrators. Criteria included the student/computer ratio, wireless access on campus, the breadth of the computer science curriculum and comments from campus students.

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"Students we heard from at over 600 campuses this year place a high value on having access to technology as part of their college experience" said Robert Franek, editorial director, The Princeton Review. "For some, it's a quality of life issue. For others, it's essential to their areas of study. But by and large, students know that honing their tech skills in college can be crucial in their job searches and careers after college."

The University of South Dakota has long been recognized for providing their students with the latest in technology:

* Every student who lives in campus housing has their own dedicated high-speed Internet connection.

* With 49 computer labs and 826 campus computers and workstations, USD boasts a student/computer ratio of about 11:1. In addition, about 90 percent have their own computer.

* USD has partnered with Palm to give all 96 freshmen in the honors program a Zire 71 handheld computer. The Zire 71 is a PDA that is used in a number of classes and comes equipped with a digital camera and an MP3 player that can be used to watch videos or listen to music. Forty percent of students at USD use handheld computers.

* USD offers 270 courses online and has 43 "smart classrooms" in 22 buildings across campus.

* Students can register for classes and get their class schedules, rosters and grades online.

* 100 percent of faculty at USD are connected to the Internet.

Earlier this year, USD won two awards from national technology publications. Roberta Ambur, chief information officer, was recognized by Computerworld as one of the 10 Best in Class of the business world's Premier 100 IT Leaders. In addition, USD was one of 14 companies nationwide to receive an honorable mention for the 2002 User Excellence Award from NetworkWorld.

Top 10 Connected Colleges, as ranked by the Princeton Review in

1. Stevens Institute of Technology

2. Wake Forest University

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

4. Bentley College

5. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

6. Bryant College

7. Illinois Institute of Technology

8. Villanova University

9. Hampton University

10. University of South Dakota.

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