Wakonda Community Club holds informative meeting

Wakonda Community Club holds informative meeting Thirty people were in attendance for the October meeting of the Wakonda Community Club.

The meeting was held on Oct. 1 at the Senior Citizens center. A full agenda greeted those present, following a grilled hamburger dinner.

Two major items took up the bulk of the noon meeting. Principal David Hutchinson presented a very interesting and informative time relative to the testing and "follow up" that is done in conjunction with the "No child left behind" program. This is an ongoing program and would be well if all parents would become informed. Currently the local school is in a god position, but that could change any year as the monitoring continues.

The other major portion of the time was devoted to a presentation by Joy Mosley. She represents WMC Resources Ltd., a Canadian company that operates in the USA out of Englewood, CO. The Company is interested in seeing if there are nickel deposits in this area. Mosley gave a very interesting report on the work that has been done in this area up to this time. The company expects to do some drill testing possibly by the end of the month.

Sheryl Smith, local administrator, reported on the recent Fall Festival. She thanked everyone present and the entire community for their support. Heritage Manor, like many other small nursing homes, has experienced some drop in the number of residents and Smith encouraged each one present to be a good public relations person for the Manor.

Santa's Shack is coming up on Oct. 19 and it appears to be again filled with a great place to look for and buy crafts and other items. Many people find it an excellent place to get their Christmas shopping done early.

In a financial review, club members noted expenditures of over $1,100 in the last several months indicating a very active organization. The club is selling

t-shirts in support of the local Eagle football team and in an effort to raise money.

Club members expressed thanks for the support of the aluminum can recycling. The receptacle for the cans is in the vacant lot just southeast of the Senior Citizens building.

Next meeting of the club is scheduled for Nov. 11.

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