Warriorettes place third in tournament

Warriorettes place third in tournament by Lindsay Nelson The Warriorette volleyball team left the Oct. 4 Tri-Valley Conference Tourney at Hurley with a third place finish under their belt.

The Warriorettes' first opponent was the Irene Cardinals. The Warriorettes had already gone head to head with the Cardinals in the first game of their season and won 3-0. The Warriorettes were able to beat Irene again 2-0 with game scores of 25-23 and 26-24.

Emily Logue, Lindsay Nelson and Erin Spurrell all added five service points each with their effort at the service line. Spurrell and Nelson pounded over three and two aces, respectively.

Nikki Johnston led at the net with seven kills and two solo blocks, followed by Kim Henriksen and Chelsa Bohlmann, who slammed down five and four kills. Bohlmann also had 40 set assists for the game.

The Warriorette team as a whole didn't allow many balls to touch the floor on the defensive side of things. Henriksen led the Warriorettes with nine digs while Johnston was close behind with eight. Jessica Peterson, Bohlmann and Nelson each snagged seven digs in their back row effort.

The Warriorettes then took on the Hurley Bulldogs. This was the first time Wakonda and Hurley had met for the season. After a couple of hard-played games, Hurley went away with the win 2-0 with scores of 22-25 and 15-25.

Sophomore Ashley Anderson came off of the bench and proved to be a strong asset to the Warriorettes as she dominated at the service line with six points, followed by Logue with 4. Out of Anderson's six points, three were hard-hit aces.

Johnston and Henriksen dominated at the net once again as Johnston had five kills and four blocks followed by Henriksen with four kills and one block.

Bohlmann dug up 16 balls and assisted her teammates with 33 set assists. Johnston, Nelson and Henriksen returned 13, nine and seven of Hurley's spikes respectively.

The Warriorettes' last game was against the Gayville-Volin Raiderettes for third and fourth place. Earlier in the season these teams met and Gayville-Volin walked away with a hard-earned victory.

The Warriorettes were out for revenge which is exactly what the Warriorettes got. Wakonda won the match 2-1 with game scores of 25-20, 19-25, 15-11.

Bohlmann and Anderson conquered the serving line with nine and five points and two aces each.

Henriksen and Johnston were once again the main go-to girls at the net. Henriksen had 10 kills and Johnston had nine along with four solo blocks. Bohlmann set for 53 assists, 15 of which were kill assists.

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The Warriorette defense proved to be a strong point that the Raiderettes just couldn't break. Bohlmann and Henriksen each had 18 digs followed by Johnston, Nelson and Peterson with 14, 12 and nine digs.

"The team really peaked at the Tri-Valley Conference Tournament and hopefully we will keep improving game by game," said Bohlmann.

The teams that make up the Tri-Valley Conference and their placing for the day are: Hurley (first), Viborg (second), Wakonda (third), Gayville-Volin (fourth), Centerville (fifth), Baltic (sixth), Irene (seventh) and Montrose (eighth).

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