WHS students involved in ‘Science on the Move’

WHS students involved in 'Science on the Move' by Lindsay Nelson During the week of Oct. 6-10 students at Wakonda were able to partake in a science journey.

All of Wakonda's seventh graders to seniors that have a science class took one day out of the week and went to Irene for "Science on the Move."

Science on the Move was started in February by the CAMSE department at Black Hills State. They turned a modern day semi into a creative learning experience for all ages and all areas of science. The semi is equipped with computers and any and all science lab equipment.

Jerry Opbroek travels with the semi and teaches kids interesting facts and experiments of science. While he was in Irene, students were fortunate to partake in the science-filled day, which included anything from labs dealing with lasers to solving a simulated crime by using DNA analysis.

Senior Emma Jensen was able to experience Science on the Move. "I thought it was pretty cool that our state sponsors something like that," she said. "It's neat when students get a chance to experience science that isn't normally taught in the classroom. It gave me a chance to see other aspects of science that I don't normally think about and I'm glad that I was given the chance."

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