4-H scholarships are available

4-H scholarships are available The deadline for 4-H members to apply for South Dakota 4-H scholarships is April 2, 2004. SDSU Extension Youth Development/4-H Scpecialist Carolyn Clague said that only 4-H members and alumni who are seniors in high school or are enrolled in college or technical schools are eligible to apply. Only collegiate 4-H members attending SDSU are eligible for the SDSU Collegiate 4-H Scholarship.

Clague added that applicants must submit folders containing application materials to their local Extension offices. Folders should include a one-page cover letter that mentions the name of the scholarship being applied for, a resume of up to three pages, a one-page letter of recommendation from a source such as a teacher, employer or 4-H club leader, and school transcripts. Those applying for scholarships should not include their 4-H Journals or Record Books with their folders.

Available scholarships include the SDSU Collegiate 4-H Scholarship, the Anton M. and Lavinia F. Biershbach Fund, the Frank Heitland Memorial Scholarship, the Robert Healy Memorial Scholarship, the John F. and Beryl Younger Scholarship Fund, the Sokota 4-H Endowment Scholarship, the Ima R. Crismann Scholarship and Endowment Scholarship, and the William T. and Helen R. Folkerts 4-H Scholarship.

Contact your local 4-H club leader or the County Extension Office for more information.

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