DOT wants input on mowing dates

DOT wants input on mowing dates The South Dakota Department of Transportation is asking the public to comment on a proposed change in the department's mowing regulations.

A public hearing is scheduled during the DOT Commission meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 20 in room 412 of the Capitol Building.

The change would eliminate the June 15 starting date for mowing in all but three western South Dakota counties. Lyman, Gregory, and Tripp counties along with all counties east of the Missouri River would have a July 10 starting date for mowing. In addition, the proposed changes would eliminate the permit application process for all state highways except interstates and medians. Instead, the DOT would issue a general permit to all South Dakotans.

Once the hay has been cut in the right of ways, the permit owner has 30 days to remove it. The DOT commissioners will also be looking at a rule that allows the department to remove and dispose of the hay if it isn't removed by the deadline or Oct. 1.

Commissioners will decide whether to adopt the changes at the November Transportation Commission meeting after the public hearing.

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