Flags exhibited at W.H. Over Museum

Flags exhibited at W.H. Over Museum For a few more days the Veterans Exhibit will remain at the W.H. Over Museum. This exhibit includes 13 flags of the United States. The earliest flag is a replica of the flag that was taken with the Lewis and Clark Expedition as they set out for the west coast. It displays 15 stars and 15 stripes.

As was the custom at that time, there is a star and a stripe for each state. A few years later Congress decided to keep the number of stripes constant to represent the original colonies and the stars to represent each state.

In 1889, both North and South Dakota became states. North Dakota was named first and so the small hand embroidered flag represents them. The large woolen flag represents South Dakota, 40 stars. This flag was a gift to the W.H. Over Museum when June Sampson was director.

The largest flag in the room, 12'x22', was on the SS South Dakota in World War II, Pacific theater, from March to November, 1945. The smallest flag is a 45 star flag, donated by Maxine Johnson, which would have been the official flag in 1910-1915.

The flags of Gen Lloyd Moses, on loan to the W.H. Over Museum, are displayed, along with a number of his personal awards and memorabilia. Photographs of his childhood home in South Dakota, a pictures of his parents, his growing up years and of his service in Korea are included. The flags represent the areas where he was stationed, Japan, Germany, USA, and of his rank as well as the U.S. Army in which he served.

Newest to our annual exhibit is a small selection from a large number of the things that had been a part of Carl Ellsworth Stoen's possessions given to the museum in the late 1970s. The gift included a complete uniform which he wore while he was a sergeant in the Signal Corps, World War II.

In the museum's collection there are a number of wonderful uniforms which are not exhibited because of the lack of appropriate mannequins. Contemporary ones are much too large for most of the uniforms.

One of the goals for this year is to find a way to obtain mannequins that will allow the Friends to exhibit the uniforms and other stunning garments in the museum's collection. Both male and female mannequins are needed.

Following the Veterans Exhibit will be the "Tools and Trinkets of the Scandinavians in the Northern Plains" exhibit. We have asked for and have received a number of loaned items that represent the five Scandinavian countries.

We hope that the museum-goers will enjoy seeing the things from the native countries of some of the earliest settlers in this area. This exhibit is in tune with the USD celebration of Scandinavians in the Americas and with the museum's Christmas Festival, Sunday, Dec. 7. All are welcome, entrance is free.

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