Home health quality Web site launched

Home health quality Web site launched The launching of the federal government's new home health agency quality measurement Web site, called Home Health Compare is applauded by the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched the Web site which lists comparative data to help consumers choose the best home health agency that suits their needs.

"We support the department's effort to help consumers and their families choose the right services and agency to provide those services," said Dave Hewett, president/CEO of SDAHO. "This is one more tool for consumers and their families to use in their search for selecting the best home health agency based upon their individual needs."

Jean Hunhoff, chairperson of SDAHO's Home Care Council said, "As providers we strongly support the Home Health Quality Initiative. Home Health agencies in this state have continually strived to provide the highest quality of care and these endeavors will only strengthen existing program efforts toward quality improvement."

Home Health Compare lists comparative information on Medicare-certified home health agencies around the state and nationally. The public Web site is http://www.medicare.gov/HHCompare/Home.asp, and can be easily navigated using the consumer's zip code.

The comparative information addresses 11 quality measurers covering home-specific issues such as mobility, bathing; managing medical emergencies; unplanned medical care; and improvement in mental health status.

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