Letters Value vs. gross extravagance

To the editor:

Now that the voters have spoken, I will offer a suggestion that will cost the city $80 a month for the foreseeable future instead of several million dollars the city fathers proposed spending for a new meeting place.

I am talking about the 4-H auditorium, which rents for $40 daily. It has room to spare, is well lighted and comfortably warm, with toilet facilities that meet government standards.

It possesses ground-floor access and more than adequate parking space on the adjoining lot and if needed, on the streets.

There is reason to believe that present furniture could be stored and covered when not in use, and chairs from the present facility could be utilized.

A plus factor, which will be free of charge, is the space now occupied by the city council, which could be utilized for other city purposes. I believe that if a vote were taken on this subject, the results would be overwhelmingly in favor.

Now in case you wonder who I am, I am president of Paint Brush Corporation, who relocated to Vermillion 32 years ago, and is the only out-of-state manufacturer (opposed to a distributor) who survived here. In fact, two other world-class manufacturers (Sioux Tools and Snap-on Tools) came and went.

It should be obvious from the above that I know something about value as opposed to gross extravagance.


Douglas K. Rose


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