Letters Restore current city hall building

To the editor:

As a long time restorer of old buildings in Vermillion I would urge the city council to re-visit the idea of re-using what was the flour mill and electric plant back when and has served as city hall for many years since.� Many people have commented that the buildings I have chosen to renovate were of the "that dilapidated building should be torn down" category.� When in reality there was plenty to work with, and the project not only revitalized the site, but also salvaged a piece of Vermillion's history, as well as creating high quality housing.�

� I realize the city is a different case, but not in a fundamental way, and there are creative ways to get to the same end point of having a modern effective city hall building for substantially less than we are being led to believe.

As was motioned in council sometime back, it would've been a good idea to get some local contractors, as well as a professional architect to look at the current building together for a true and open to the public assessment of the current facility and then proceed from an informed position.�

� The old fire-house area contains roughly 6,200 square feet of already "framed in" virtually wide-open space to work with, which is approaching double the amount of office that is serving as our current city hall.�

Furthermore, the council chambers could easily be moved to the training room at the new fire house as it is in many respects the perfect spot for council (the city owns it, it is already used for community functions, it meets all ADA and current building codes, has plenty of parking, and can be readily adapted for broadcasting).�

This could be accomplished rather quickly as the room is completely ready for use, short of moving our television equipment and perhaps purchasing a semi-circular table for council members to gather round (hopefully at the same level as the audience seating).

� In this era of ever-expanding government, would it not be refreshing to see the city remake its current home and use the substantial savings to repair our streets,�revitalize the�downtown area, or maybe even give a little relief to the citizens who pay the bills?

Roger Jeck


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