Remember hunting laws

Remember hunting laws Hunters targeting big game should remember that convictions for shooting big game from road rights-of-way and shooting most game animals from a motor vehicle will result in the loss of hunting privileges for one year.

Game, Fish and Parks Law Enforcement Specialist Dave McCrea said the penalties for shooting at game animals from a motor vehicle were increased several years ago to include the loss of hunting privileges for one year. Shooting from a motor vehicle includes both big game and small game. It does not include coyotes, jackrabbits, rodents, skunks, badgers, raccoons and foxes.

This law also provides for automatic revocation of hunting privileges for one year for those convicted of shooting at big game from road rights-of-way.

"Big game hunters using a rifle or bow and arrow are not permitted to shoot at big game from public road rights-of-way," McCrea noted. "When targeting big game, hunters need to be sure to leave the vehicle and the road area."

For details, people should consult the 2003 Hunting Handbook, which is available from Game, Fish and Parks offices, license agents, and online at

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