Schott accepts AHCA national award for center

Schott accepts AHCA national award for center Kingsley (IA) Nursing & Rehab Center is among the 65 long term care facilities in 22 states that have won the American Health Care Association's (AHCA) National Quality Award for demonstrating strong commitment to quality improvement.

Donna Schott, Vermillion, administrator of the Kingsley Nursing & Rehab Center, accepted the award during the AHCA's annual convention Oct. 12-15 in San Diego, CA.

AHCA's Quality Award is modeled after the criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation's premier award recognizing distinguished achievement. AHCA's award exemplifies the very best in long term care facilities that demonstrate performance excellence to better serve their customers, their staff and their communities.

The program also promotes peer and public recognition for the facility as a quality leader in the long term care profession.

The AHCA Quality Award consists of an entry level Step I Award, and a more rigorous Step II Award. Kingsley Nursing & Rehab received the Step I award.

As Step I winning applicant, Kingsley Nursing & Rehab demonstrated its organization-wide commitment to a facility mission, identified its principal customers and their expectations, and indicated ways that it is striving to meet their needs.

"There are many benefits to pursuing the level of excellence this award demands," said AHCA President the CEO Charles H. Roadman II, M.D., CNA. "In addition to improved quality of life for nursing facility residents, the award demonstrates that systematic, data-driven quality initiatives create better places of employment, more effective management and more active roles in the surrounding communities. Winners of this prestigious award know that the pursuit of excellence is a continuous journey, and that the journey is as important as the destination."

The AHCA Quality Award was created in 1996 to respond to an increasingly consumer-driven health care market's search for quantifiable indicators of quality in long term care.

"Recipients of the Quality Award reflect long term care's commitment to meeting customer needs through sophisticated quality improvement efforts," Dr. Roadman said. "An increasing number of facilities have embraced continuous quality improvement in order to continuously monitor and advance performance excellence for the benefit of its residents and their families."

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