South Dakotans urged to use soy biodiesel

South Dakotans urged to use soy biodiesel Travelers across South Dakota are reminded to use soy biodiesel in their diesel-fueled vehicles.

The South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (SDSR&PC) has found innovative ways to remind consumers that soy biodiesel is good for the farm and for America.

SDSR&PC is sponsoring billboards along South Dakota's Interstates and traveling billboards on the sides of trucks as a way to remind the public, truckers and commercial vehicle fleet owners to ask for and use soy biodiesel.

Approximately 15,600 persons are exposed to the "Soy Biodiesel Ask For It Use It" billboard every day as they travel south on I-29 near Baltic.

The "Soy Biodiesel Good for the Farm and America" billboard is passed daily by another 13,130 people as they travel east into Sioux Falls.

The SDSR&PC received a $5,000 grant from the United Soybean Board to help finance this checkoff educational promotion.

According to Alan Fenner, SDSR&PC chairman, "The goal of the project is to get more producers to ask for soy biodiesel fuel from their suppliers and continue to use it in their farm operation. Producers realize that using more of the product they produce adds value to their crop."

In November, SDSR&PC is expanding its soy biodiesel message to anyone traveling in eastern South Dakota by using traveling billboards.

A fleet of 10 trucks will carry the message, "This truck is running on Soy Biodiesel" on the side of their trucks.

Potentially these 10 trucks will make 150,000 impressions per day.

This message will raise awareness among the urban and rural sector, truckers and other commercial vehicle fleets that soy biodiesel does work, is cost effective, and that biodiesel in a 2 percent blend does not gel during the Midwest's cold weather months.

Soy biodiesel is a reliable fuel that can be used in any diesel engine, doesn't require any engine modifications and boosts the nation's farm economy.

In fact, a blend of 2 percent soy biodiesel in all U.S. on-road diesel fuel would consume the oil from approximately 473 million bushels of soybeans � virtually all of Iowa's annual production!

Assuming a 2 percent blend in all on-highway diesel fuel:

* The biodiesel industry would need to invest almost $690 million in new plants and expanding existing facilities to meet demand.

* The combination of increased demand and capital spending to build biodiesel production capacity could add $7.8 billion to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

* An estimated 104,800 new jobs in all sectors of the economy would be created as a result of a higher rate of economic activity.

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