Student vulgarity at USD crosses the line

Student vulgarity at USD crosses the line by Craig Steensland, Beresford Republic �Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack suck the Coyote di@k� were the words printed on a T-shirt at a local university football game last Saturday (Oct. 25).

The occasion was the annual University of South Dakota vs. South Dakota State University football contest.

This year, the game took on even more symbolism since it may be the final game between the two schools. This feud had gone on for 105 years.

Our opinion is that with the behavior exhibited by the USD student body, maybe this game should have been shut down many years ago.

The level of sexual vulgarity exhibited by the USD student body was deplorable.

The above caption on the printed T-shirt, worn by many USD students , not just one wavering 20-year-old, displayed on its back side a Jackrabbit performing oral sex on a Coyote. Nothing was left to the imagination.

Another red T-shirt worn by USD coeds stated, �D 1 This,� on the front, and a Coyote middle finger on the reverse side. These are but a couple examples of the vile �sporting� apparel worn by the USD student body.

Sitting in the adult section near the USD student seats, we also witnessed another enlightened display of maturity.

When the opposing SDSU players ran onto the field prior to the opening kickoff, the entire USD student section rose to their feet and greeted the Jacks with the outreached middle finger.

While we realize that students are students and not full blown adults, one can expect a little less vulgar behavior at a South Dakota game.

We had initially thought about taking our children, ages 6 and 2, to the gridiron contest. After seeing the motley behavior from the USD student body we were grateful for the decision not to make our outing to The University of South Dakota a family affair.

How does one explain to a 6-year-old, the saying, �Jack be nimble, Jack be quick ?� with a cartoon Jackrabbit and Coyote on the back side?

While we expected to see students with faces and bodies painted in varying shades of colors and other college pranks, we did not expect the level of gutter behavior we witnessed.

We also understand the difficulty of policing the behavior of USD students.

What a college student does in their own dorm room, or apartment is one thing. What the same student wears downtown Vermillion to a bar is another. But what the USD student wears to a University of South Dakota sponsored event, supported by South Dakota taxpayers, crosses the line.

Our opinion is that USD officials need to monitor the vulgar behavior of their student body. College students have no right to run roughshod over a �family event� sponsored by tax monies.

The USD student body should start behaving like adults. The USD administration should start acting like adults.

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