Wakonda participates in American Education Week

Wakonda participates in American Education Week by Lindsay Nelson Wakonda has been celebrating American Education Week. This year the theme was "Great Public Schools for Every Child – America's Promise" which reflects the nation including our community's commitment to all students.

Each day the Wakonda Education Association honored different groups of people who make up our school and community. On Monday the administration was honored and received personalized apples filled with candy.

Tuesday Wakonda's teachers were honored and given wicker apple baskets filled with candy. On Wednesday the Educational Support Personnel, which includes the cooks, janitors, bus drivers, school nurse, librarian, and the guidance counselor, were all recognized. Thursday Wakonda's students were recognized and each student received a Blow Pop sucker.

Last but not least, on Friday the parents, community and the substitute teachers in Wakonda were recognized. Letters of appreciation were sent home to parents and to the substitute teachers for all their generous efforts to the Wakonda School.

Also all week long the school held a Guess the Baby Contest. Each member of the faculty was asked to bring in a baby picture. The pictures were copied and put on posters throughout the school.

Students could then submit their guesses of the identity of each picture to the office to to try and win a prize.

Winners with only four correct guesses were Jeanie Stockland, Sarah Gross and Josh Wagner.

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