What will be addressed in plan?

What will be addressed in plan? The streetscape plan will be a stand-alone document that will address problems and recommend strategies for the revitalization of historic downtown Vermillion.

The plan will include, but won't be limited to, the following concerns.

Parking to accomodate customers, business employees, residents, service/maintenance personnel and equipment, delivery vehicles, etc. and any existing or proposed ordinances that might affect downtown parking.

Space utilization, such as first floor commercial, second floor residential and commercial, building infill, open space, etc.

Aesthethics, including parking nodes, walkways, lighting, etc.

Public pocket parks, which are green spaces for passive public use.

Traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians and directional signage from the highway and major streets within the community, and traffic calming options.

Building maintenance, including store fronts but also general structural exterior maintenance.

Store fronts, an issue that would be addressed with design guidelines for building renovation.

Seasonal beautification � banners, flags, lights, celebration events, etc.

Landscaping/streetscaping � flowers and trees, benches, tables and chairs, outdoor art, etc.

Gateways, specifically a structure of some kind, such as arches or signs, to inform the public that they are entering a unique area of the community.

Cultural/entertainment � an outdoor place where cultural and entertainment events can be held.

The streetscape plan will include relevant maps, sketches, drawings, graphs and photographs to assist Vermillion's public and private sectors in revitalization efforts.

It is expected that the plan will incorporate the ideas and preferences of downtown Vermillion building owners, business owners, public officials and area residents.

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