Foundation meets goal

Foundation meets goal by David Lias The Vermillion Area Community Foundation announced Wednesday it has successfully met its fund-raising goal of $100,000.

The foundation has been working on this goal since November 2000. Raising this amount entitles the foundation to receive matching funds of $25,000 from the South Dakota Community Foundation.

Bob Sutton of the South Dakota Community Foundation presented the group a check for $25,000 during Wednesday's announcement at Young Moore's home.

"This is a classic example of people who have planned well and now want to make a difference in their community," Sutton said.

The Vermillion Area Community Foundation Board will continue to solicit bequests and gifts with the goal of growing the fund to $1 million by 2010. "With our $125,000 fund, we will be able to provide approximately $6,200 of funding for use in local projects which are intended to improve economic development and the overall quality of life in the Vermillion area," said Moore, founder of the foundation. "By 2010 we should be able to increase our contributions to community projects to $60,000 a year, if we can make the $1 million mark."

"This is a great story, and it's a great start," Sutton said. "Imagine the difference it can make if the Vermillion community reaches its goal of $1 million in 10 years."

Requests for funding support are welcome and will be considered by the foundation board on a quarterly basis, deadlines of which are the 15th day of the month in March, June, September and December.

The board will consider a broad range of projects including cultural, social, public works or anything that is designed to enhance the community. Since the funds are limited at this time, the foundation board asks that requests not exceed $1,600.

Citizens are encouraged to send their contributions, requests for funding and inquiries to the Chamber of Commerce or directly to the Vermillion Area Community Foundation at PO Box 342, Vermillion, SD 57069.

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. For more information, contact Young Moore at 624-2927 or Rollie French at 624-4220.

"This is a wonderful testament to people who know what making an investment in their community is all about," Sutton said, referring to Vermillion citizens who helped the foundation reach its goals.

Current board members of the Vermillion Area Community Foundation are Roger Kozak, Vermillion City Council;

Luanne Ouellette, Civic Council; Lisa Ketcham, Vermillion Area Chamber of Commerce & Development Company; Fern Kaufman, Dakota Hospital Association & Foundation; Julie Potter, Vermillion Lions Club; Rollie French, member at large;

Young Moore III, Senior Citizens Services, Inc.; Robert Mayer, Vermillion Public School Board; Evelyn Schlenker, Vermillion Area Arts Council; Jeanette Hubert, member at large; Bud Marshall, Vermillion Rotary Club; Michelle Lavallee, The University of South Dakota; and David Macy, Vermillion banking community.

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