Gaidelis shares in Swedish tradition

Gaidelis shares in Swedish tradition by Nicole Mosberger Pearl Gaidelis recently shared a Swedish tradition with her class.

In Sweden they celebrate St. Lucia Day on Dec. 13. St. Lucia is a tradition that the oldest daughter in the family dresses in a white dress and wears a wreath with seven candles on her head; she then serves her family breakfast.

Gaidelis has been reading a series of five American Girl books about a 10-year-old girl named Kirsten from Sweden, who immigrated to Minnesota by boat. She has been reading the American Girl books since October.

Gaidelis played the role of St. Lucia. She invited her class to the old gym and served them breakfast. She served them yulakaka and hot chocolate. Yulakaka is Swedish sweet dough. It is like coffee cake or cinnamon rolls and is croissant shaped.

Gaidelis said, "It was great! I had a lot of fun."

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