Geologists present info on drilling efforts in area

Geologists present info on drilling efforts in area Wakonda Community Club members heard reports about mining and "No Child Left Behind" during their Dec. 3 meeting.

Dave Kelley and Mary Stollenwerk, geologists representing the WMC Mining Co., were guests of the club for the noon luncheon meeting. Kelley gave a brief representation of the drilling process that is taking place in the area. He described much of the different strata that is encountered as the drilling penetrates the different levels.

Kelley noted that the core samples would be sent into the main company for further study and analysis. The drilling is going on around the clock. They are on their location near Wakonda.

Kay Lueth, local elementary principal, reported on the testing that is being done relative to the "No Child Left Behind" mandate that is currently taking place. Angela Grider, librarian, reported on the Book Fair, book sales and other related activities in the library.

Twenty-five people were present for the noon luncheon meeting.

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